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  • What Do I Need?

    Preparing for Start-Up

    There are several items you will need to have organized in advance for your power system prior to its start-up.

    1. Have all connections been made to the generator?

    a. Main Line Circuit Breaker
    b. 2-Wire Start
    c. Annunciator
    d. 110 volt circuit feed to the generator for block heater and battery changer.

    2. Has fuel been provided?

    a. Natural Gas or Propane- Make sure the plumber has sized the gas line for the correct pressure and volume of gas?
    b. Diesel- Make sure you use 1D or 2D

    For more detailed requirements use this link. As always, if you have a specific question, please contact the Clifford Power equipment sales representative at nearest office location to you, call us at 800-324-0066, or via email at info@cliffordpower.com and we will connect you with one of our many generator experts on staff for consultation.

    Clifford Power is an authorized Generac Industrial Power Dealer.