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  • Training


    Learn from the Generator Experts

    Clifford Power Systems offers several training programs for Customers and Dealers. Whether you're an Engineer looking for continued education credits, Generac Dealer looking to get certified, or a Customer who wants to increase their knowledge in power generation, you'll find what you're looking for here at Clifford Power.

    As a Generac? Industrial Distribution Central (IDC), Clifford Power Systems has several Generac? certified trainers on-hand who are qualified and authorized to train multiple Generac? certification classes. These classes are open to anyone who wants to gain knowledge on these product lines.

    Clifford Pre Air Cooled & Basic Install – 1 Day ($300.00) – The first half of this 1-day course is a preparatory class for the Generac Air Cooled Certification Course, and the second half covers the basic installation of single generator systems. This 8 hour course starts at 8:00am covering basic electricity, schematic reading, generator theory and gaseous engines. Then after returning from lunch we will cover basic installation of single generator systems. This will include sizing the generator appropriately according to load demands, location of unit, fuel supply and electrical interconnections.

    Generac Air Cooled – 3 Day ($650 per seat) – This 3-day class allows a technician that is assigned to an appropriate service dealer to perform warranty repairs on all Generac Air-cooled products. This class covers basic electrical and generator theory, operation of generator controls, fuel systems, and air cooled engines. Hands on lab time include troubleshooting of the generator and transfer switch using schematics and wiring diagrams. (You do not have to be a Generac Dealer to attend this class, it’s open for anyone wanting to gain knowledge on the Generac Air Cooled product.)

    Generac Protector Series – 4 Day ($1250 per seat) – This 4-day class allows a technician that is assigned to an appropriate service dealer to perform warranty repairs on Generac Commercial gaseous products, non-configured, Nexus, no H-panel, and the Protector Series. This class covers single and three phase generator theory, voltage regulation, fuel and ignition systems, Nexus control panels, Protector Series units, and RTS transfer switches. Hands on lab time include troubleshooting of the generator and transfer switch using schematics and wiring diagrams.

    End User Training – 1 Day ($300 per seat) – This 1-day class is to assist critical users performing Weekly and Monthly checks needed to comply with regulatory agencies, and basic maintenance.

    Professional Development for Engineers:

    Clifford Power offers continuing education courses that were developed specifically for practicing Design, Sales and Consulting Engineers involved in supplying standby power to business, institutional and residential facilities with our Professional Development Seminar Series?.

    Clifford Power also teams with Generac to provide an Engineering Symposium where engineers visit Generac’s factories, meet with their developers and learn about how our generators are designed and manufactured, solutions to meet the most challenging owner’s needs, and how to apply best engineering practices related to generator design and specifications and operations for specific applications.

    Additionally, Clifford Power and Generac partner to provide Engineers with the Power Trip Experience, a 53 foot trailer that provides solutions, products and trusted expertise right to your home town. Designed to educate in a hands-on environment with a 16-seat theater, this experience features:

    -  2 live paralleled generators complete with switching, simulated utility outage and an overview of software capabilities featuring Generac’s own GenLink? monitoring software
    -  Full size scale model of Generac’s 600kW Bi-Fuel generator, offering a factory built EPA compliant system for maximum reliability. Paired with a level II enclosure you’ll see the standard in excellence from the inside of our systems out
    -  Bypass Isolation switch, Generac's popular GTS series switch and newly released Tri-Source manual and automatic switches for select business solutions
    -  "Solution Center" featuring an interactive look at applications, products, and innovations across multiple vertical markets
    -  Overview of Generac’s breadth of power solutions ranging from single set generators to 2MW to paralleling solutions up to 100MW
    -  Interact with Clifford Power and Generac representatives

    Clifford Power Training location(s):

    Tulsa, OK – 9310 E. 46th St. N. Tulsa, OK 74117

    Garland, TX (DFW) – 2913 National Drive, Garland, TX 75041

    Questions? Email: training@cliffordpower.com