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    Your Power is Our Priority

    Proactive maintenance is vitally important to your generator’s performance. Consistent planned maintenance identifies, diagnoses, and corrects minor issues before they become critical and costly.

    Our mission is to provide service above and beyond your expectations. With over 10,000 generator systems in service, Clifford Power is a preferred leader in the power generation industry. We provide planned maintenance programs and comprehensive repair services designed to extend the life of your generator and ensure maximum reliability. Our certified generator technicians are experienced in servicing all makes and models and receive ongoing training.

    Clifford Power is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at 1-800-324-0066 to assure your power is always on. You can also reach us at info@cliffordpower.com for general inquiries.



    Planned Maintenance Programs

    We customize maintenance plans to meet your specific generator system needs. Our technicians are power systems experts and we meet NFPA 110 and Joint Commission standards.

    Annual PM Service   |   Semi-Annual PM Service   |   Quarterly PM Service   |   Monthly PM Service


    Clifford 365? Remote Monitoring

    Wireless monitoring 24/7/365. Identify problems in advance, before a critical power outage. Receive real-time notifications and check status from the convenience of your office, home, or travel.

    Clifford 365? Remote Monitoring Brochure


    Load Banking Services

    Load banking tests your generator at 100% of nameplate rating to ensure your system is ready to perform.

    Generator Load Bank Testing Brochure


    Fuel Maintenance

    One of the most common causes of failure for a diesel generator system is insufficient fuel maintenance. Clifford Power has developed a 4-Step fuel program to protect your diesel power system.


    National Accounts Service

    For clients that maintain multiple generators spanning broad geographies, Clifford Power Systems’ national accounts team provides a single point of contact for all your planned maintenance and repair services. 

    Demand Response

    Utility programs are available for businesses to use standby generators to help maintain electrical grid stability during emergency situations for prevention of rotating utility outages. In partnership with TRANE?, an industry leader in energy management, Clifford Power can provide complementary generator service for Demand Response customers. Contact us for more information.


    Approved Purchasing Cooperative Vendor


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