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  • Selecting the Right Generator Maintenance Plan

    July 10, 2017

    Your standby generator engine is very similar to a car's engine. And, just like your car, it needs regular maintenance to run efficiently every time it starts. A planned maintenance program can be tailored to your needs. These programs include regularly scheduled, 90 point inspections, fluid and filter changes, environmentally safe disposal of used fluids, oil analysis and complete testing of the system. A planned maintenance program helps identify minor problems with equipment and correct them before they become major problems, ensuring your backup power supply is ready to perform when you need it most. As with any mechanical system, poorly maintained standby generators are more prone to failure, which is why manufacturers require proper maintenance as a condition of the warranty.

    When selecting a generator maintenance program you should consider:

    How often do you anticipate your generator running? The more frequently your generator starts and the longer it operates, the more frequent the need for regular maintenance. For example, a residential customer may only need to service their generator annually; whereas a generator for a hospital may require service on a weekly basis.

    What is your generator backing up? Are you ensuring the comforts of home when the lights go off? Does your generator provide power for critical care, data infrastructure, or security? The greater your liability is when your power fails, the more frequently you may want to have your equipment inspected and maintained.  

    Is your facility required to comply with any local or national codes related to standby power systems? For instance, many facilities fall under NFPA 110 guidelines. This standard covers performance requirements for emergency and standby power systems providing an alternate source of electrical power in buildings and facilities in the event that the normal electrical power source fails.  NFPA 110 presents installation, maintenance, operation, and testing requirements as they pertain to the performance of the emergency or standby power supply system (EPSS) up to the load terminals of the transfer switch (www.nfpa.org). If you are required to follow specific codes, your maintenance agreement should be more comprehensive and include additional services such as load banking, fuel testing, and automatic transfer switch maintenance.

    Is the generator service company licensed and/or certified by a particular equipment manufacturer? The quality of a service plan is only as good as the person performing the services. Technicians should be certified, receive continuous training, have the ability to service all makes and models, and have access to fully-stocked service trucks to respond to the most challenging onsite conditions. 

    Clifford Power Systems is solely committed to power generation, and our technicians have the training and experience to make us the experts in this field. For more information about planned maintenance or other services offered for standby systems, contact your local Clifford Power Systems representative.  

    Clifford Power Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation with a core focus on generator service and sales. This includes the sale of new equipment; emergency service and preventative maintenance plans for all makes and models; parts sales; rental of generators, cable, distribution, and lighting. Clifford Power Systems, Inc. provides services from ten office locations in a five-state region, consisting of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas.

    1-800-324-0066 | cliffordpower.com

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    rickey smith  
    I am looking for a company to recommend and install a backup generator for my ranch house - smart system in house - large house 15,000 sq ft - propane - I understand it may be a long trip - I am 8 miles east of Memphis texas

    432 940 0490
    Phillip Ramsey  
    you guys are referred to me by Rebecca at SurgiCenter of KC. I need to setup a monthly servicing of our emergency generator. Please contact me as soon as possible. 913-353-0293