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  • For Vendors

    For Vendors

    Clifford Power is continually seeking qualified vendors for all aspects of our operations, from products to services. The specific requirements for vendors vary by industry and by state law.

    Generally, what is required:

    Please note: State law requires that if you have any employees (other than the owner) you must carry Worker's Comp Insurance. If you do not have any employees and do not carry Worker's Comp Insurance we do require that you fill out the "Affidavit For Certificate of Non-Coverage" form (Oklahoma) or (Arkansas) for your area of operation. We will accept a faxed copy to get your account set-up, but original notarized copy must be mailed ASAP.

    Please email your completed vendor package to vendor@cliffordpower.com or fax it to 918-836-0093. Incomplete vendor packages will be considered as non-compliant and will keep your company from being added to the list of qualified providers. If you have any questions, please contact Clifford Power's Accounts Payable team at 918-836-0066.