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  • For Owners

    For Owners

    Resources for Generator Owners

    As an owner you need information on generator equipment and maintenance. To help you, Clifford Power has assembled information that will assist you in making informed desicisions regarding your generator investment including how to access your manual, warranty and the ABCs of generator ownership. Additionally, we have included technical sheets on specific generator performance and relevant code compliance issues.

    Clifford Power is an Authorized Generac? Industrial Power Dealer

    Generac means innovation whether you’re considering, specifying, or installing a power system.  Generac provides single generator sets up to 2 MW including multi-megawatt paralleling solutions, Gemini? power systems, with two generators stacked in a single enclosure for amazing space savings. And Generac's Bi-Fuel? generators, the only ones fully integrated—and EPA compliant—straight from the factory.  Add tools like Power Design Pro?, among the most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing software on the market. It’s easy to see why virtually every industry puts their power needs in the hands of Generac.  For more information on Generac see:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5x6Thsrh1Y&feature=player_embedded