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  • Checklist for Installation

    Checklist for Installation

    Assuring Generator Start-Up Goes as Planned

    You will need to determine the best location for installation. This will be based on a variety of considerations including utility access, code compliance and physical accessibility. You will also need a concrete pad to put the generator on. Additionally, you will need to have a licensed electrical subcontractor to install and hook it up to your power source. If you are connecting to a gas line you will also need to work with a mechanical contractor. You Clifford Power Equipment Sales representative will work with you on cost-effective options and provide you with lists of qualified contractors to provide you with these services.

    This link is your checklist for generator installation. It is important these items are completed and the list is returned to your  Clifford Power representative prior to your upcoming start-up. Having these items completed will help assure your start-up will go smoothly as planned. Clifford Power is an authorized Generac industrial power dealer.

    The links below can be used for more information regarding installation:

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